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The only warehouse system you'll ever need.

Do you want to have your warehouse finally well-organized? For small and medium warehouses, we've created the Atlantis system. It divides orders into groups, so you don't have to go to one place several times for the same goods from different orders. It handles labels with addresses from Česká pošta, Zásilkovna, DPD, and other carriers for you. It tracks shipments until the moment the customer picks them up. And it has plenty of other features to make your business easier.

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What can Atlantis do?

Merge and sort received orders

Atlantis groups received orders into sets that you can customize yourself. Orders will be picked efficiently, for example, based on the similarity of ordered goods. Your warehouse workers won't have to run around as much and will be able to handle more orders.

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Offer warehouse outsourcing

Do you provide your warehouse to other companies? With Atlantis, you can store goods for multiple entities in one building (warehouse), even in the same storage locations. This way, you'll effectively utilize physical space in the warehouse. Each entity has its own carrier configuration (e.g., shipments from the 'Main' warehouse go through DPD and PPL carriers, while the 'Store' warehouse doesn't use carriers).

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Grant various access rights

You can easily assign roles to individual users (warehouse manager, warehouse worker, packer). These roles can be cumulative, automatically speeding up processes. For example, a warehouse worker who also has a manager role can assign and complete tasks themselves without needing approval. Tasks are automatically approved upon completion.

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Integration with carriers

Connect to carriers within minutes directly in the system and start printing labels immediately. Once you receive a new order, its dispatchability is checked directly via the chosen carrier's API. Atlantis currently collaborates with carriers DPD (CZ, SK, HU), Packeta (Zásilkovna), WE/DO, GLS, PPL and Česká pošta.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have several employees, each serving a different role. Does the Atlantis system support this?

Yes, the system provides several basic roles. If needed, roles can be combined. A manager can also be a warehouse worker, thus having all functions for these roles.

Our company operates in several countries. Can I switch the application to different languages?

The application currently supports 5 languages - Czech, Slovak, English, Hungarian, and Ukrainian. Adding a required language is not a problem.

Do I need to acquire special equipment to use the system?

We also provide recommended hardware for Atlantis – we use mobile phones with Zebra barcode readers (e.g., model TC26), touch stations with USB barcode readers, thermal printers, and more.

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